Our expertise

A gourmet experience for all levels

The concept

With the launch of “Fruitissime” in 1990, Satori S.A. was the first European company to offer a concept of “ripe to perfection” fruit, refined, hand-selected and protected in individual packaging.

A market leader

The success of the “Fruitissime” concept and its status as market leader led to an increase in production volume and consequent industrialization of the process.

State-of-the-art facilities

Satori S.A. has equipped its warehouses (in Aclens (CH) and Poeldijk (NL)) with state-of-the-art ripening systems. These systems manage the ripening process of avocados, mangoes and small bananas, by controlling the composition of the atmosphere, the temperature of the fruit pulp and the humidity of the air.


Satori S.A. is able to supply fruit in various degrees of ripeness and thus fulfill the individual wishes of different customers.
to fulfill the individual wishes of different customers.

Our secret

The success of the ripening process depends on many factors: production conditions, harvesting, packaging and transportation of the fruit to Europe. During these phases, various parameters (e.g. temperature, firmness, dry matter) must be measured, which are crucial for an optimal ripening process.

A borderless quest for excellence

Pachamama Farms is fully committed to presenting an unrivalled selection of premium exotic fruits, meticulously grown in the fertile lands of Peru. Our primary commitment is to guarantee exceptional flavor, optimal nutritional value and outstanding visual appeal. In doing so, we are redefining natural creation and influencing the global culinary narrative.

Product range:
the quintessence of nature to satisfy our customers

Explore the pinnacle of natural splendor with our rigorously chosen selection of mangoes and avocados. These products are the result of superior cultivation practices, reflecting Peru’s rich agricultural tradition. Pachamama Farms elevates the gastronomic offering to a pinnacle of excellence, ensuring that our products seduce the discerning palates of chefs the world over.

Enhancing the offering for food industry professionals

Pachamama Farms offers a multitude of advantages to food industry professionals:

  • Exceptional taste profiles: our products contain exceptional taste profiles, enabling chefs to create unique taste experiences for their customers.
  • Health benefits: in addition to their delicious taste, our products offer optimal nutritional value, meeting the needs of health-conscious consumers.
  • Responsible sourcing: we attach great importance to responsible sourcing, an essential value for professionals concerned about the origin and sustainability of the ingredients they use.


By integrating our premium offers into their menus and creations, food professionals can enhance their reputation, offer distinctive gastronomic experiences and contribute to a sustainable future for the food industry.

Reliable logistics

An ideal location

Ideally located 35km from the port of Rotterdam, 529-Logistics is a subsidiary of Satori S.A., created to receive and ripen fruit arriving by container in the ports of Northern Europe.

Our servicesy

529-Logistics offers the following services to Satori S.A. and third-party companies:

  • Receipt of goods and quality control
  • Merchandise storage
  • Mango and avocado ripening
  • Selecting avocados with the AWETA machine
  • Packaging according to customer requirements and specifications
  • Shipping and customs formalities
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