Our philosophy

Cultivating a better world

We monitor our products on a daily basis and scrupulously comply with current standards of freshness and food safety.

The relationships we maintain with our customers, employees and suppliers are based on respect and strict professional ethics.

Satori in figures

Since 1986

150 employees

30 countries

Created by Frank van Buel and Jean-Christophe Serex.
Introduction of the innovative "Fruitissime" concept for the sale of "ripe" exotic fruit.
Relocation to Aclens, gradual expansion of warehouse space to 5000 m2.
Construction of ripening chambers for exotic fruits.
Creation of 529 Logistics (Poeldijk, NL), a subsidiary dedicated to container reception, ripening and distribution of fruit on the European market.
Installation in warehouses of latest-generation machines such as NIR, laser (fruit marking) and packing machines for biodegradable materials.
Commissioning of the Softripe system, an innovative technology for ripening climacteric exotic fruits.

Values that drive us








Ethics first

At Satori S.A., our foundation rests on an unshakeable conviction: ethics precede every action, every decision and every success. We firmly believe that ethical conduct is the essential pillar of a successful company and a balanced society. Ethics is not simply a concept to be respected, but rather the guiding principle behind every initiative we take, every relationship we build and every choice we make.

For us, ethics is more than just rules and standards. It’s a way of being, an attitude deeply rooted in our corporate culture. We are committed to acting with honesty, integrity and transparency in all our interactions, whether with our employees, partners, customers or society as a whole.

Our employees are our most valuable asset. We strive to create an inclusive, respectful and stimulating work environment, where everyone is treated fairly, without discrimination. We encourage diversity and social awareness, because we know that it is from this wealth of perspectives that the best ideas are born.