The passion of our growers, the dedication of our employees, our unique expertise (in exotic fruit ripening and logistics) and our sense of planning are the constants that enable us to satisfy our customers’ needs every day, providing them with top-quality fruit and vegetables.

Satori, market leader in Switzerland

Satori S.A. has been the Swiss market leader for mangoes, avocados, limes and papayas for over fifteen years.

N°1 in quality in Europe

In collaboration with its Dutch subsidiary 529 Logistics (based in Poeldijk, NL), Satori S.A. distinguishes itself by its focus on product quality. Thanks to its close relationships with suppliers and careful product refinement, the Satori Group is a service provider and/or partner to Europe’s most demanding quality retailers.

Like our fruit, we have many qualities

Values that drive us

The quality of our fruit, the innovation that enables us to deliver it at the precise stage of ripeness desired by the customer, the reliability of our supply chain, respect for people – our customers, employees and suppliers alike – and social responsibility through our solidarity with the families of our growers: these are the values that guide us every day.

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A borderless quest for excellence

Behind every product lies a story of perseverance to achieve the best results. With Pachamama Farms, based in Peru, we have exclusive testing, production and marketing rights for a number of new mango varieties. An extensive network of growers ensures regular deliveries throughout the year, and our logistics platform in the Netherlands ensures smooth, efficient distribution throughout Europe.

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An ever-growing commitment

Fair-trade and organic certified, we have forged trusting relationships with a large network of small producers to ensure reliable supplies, and we are committed to socially, environmentally and ethically responsible production on all levels. Our WISHA foundation sets up projects to improve the education and health of children and teenagers in the countries of production.

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Innovation and development

We’ve developed in-depth know-how to deliver top-of-the-range fruit of impeccable quality and freshness. The network of growers with whom we have forged close links ensures regular deliveries throughout the year. Our logistics platform in the Netherlands is ideally placed for distribution throughout Europe.

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A gourmet experience for all levels

Exceptional fragrance, sublime flavor: for exotic fruits to give their best, they must be perfectly ripe. This is where our decades of experience make the difference. The fruit is harvested at just the right moment, then delicately refined to be enjoyed at perfect ripeness 2 to 5 days after purchase. Satori S.A. is able to supply fruit at different stages of ripeness to meet individual customer requirements.

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«In Switzerland, there's quality, precision and taste thanks to Satori.»